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    3560 Fairmount Ave #B
    San Diego, CA - 92105

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    4655 Cass Street #100
    San Diego, CA - 92109

    PH- 858-362-3540

About You

Here at Lakhani Family Dentistry it is all about you. How you can have a better experience when getting dental work done. We treat all of our patients like friends and family. First and foremost we sit with you and hear your issue that you are having with your teeth, secondly together with you we decide what treatment is needed foremost, and third we give you a few alternatives for each treatment that makes it affordable for all of us.

We are here for you and we will work with you in every way possible, may it be financially. In these hard times we will do our best to make your experience with us the most memorable. We see to welcome you soon!